The company


This REIT and FTSE listed company is a leading provider of self-storage within the UK. The company has over 100 stores throughout the UK, with 50 located in London alone.

As well as being one of the UK’s largest self-storage groups, the company has also expanded into Europe and has stores in Paris, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.


The company's aim is to continue developing profitable and sustainable spaces that allow individuals and businesses to thrive.

The challenge


Determined to improve the speed and efficiency of its acquisition strategies, the company was looking to add to its already strong team of professionals to help it to continue growing its impressive portfolio of UK stores.

Capstone had previously helped the company secure hires for its construction and development roles. Following the success of these previous collaborations, we were solicited on a retained basis to advise the company on hiring two Acquisition Managers to join its UK team.

The company wanted highly skilled and experienced Acquisition Managers to operate in different areas of the UK, with one in the North of England/Scotland and the other in London. This was required to maximise the company’s potential coverage while increasing efficiency and taking the pressure off the existing team, who often had to travel long distances to reach potential sites.

The role


The company wanted to hire two skilled and experienced Acquisition Managers to help source and acquire new sites and increase its coverage across the UK.

The service


To ensure that the right candidates were found as quickly and efficiently as possible, we began the process by having in-depth discussions with the company’s hiring managers to determine exactly what background, values and experience they were looking for.

Once this was established, we were able to utilise our real estate expertise and start reaching out to our trusted network of professionals to find candidates who we felt would be perfect for the role. In addition to this, we carried out external advertising, leveraging a variety of platforms to help widen our search.

This direct communication enabled us to quickly build an exciting pool of prospective candidates that matched what the company was looking for in expertise, skills and cultural fit. Within two weeks, we were able to narrow down our selection and present the hiring managers with a strong shortlist of candidates who were invited for an interview.

The result


The turnaround for the project, from our initial conversations with the company to job offers, was six weeks, making the process quick and efficient for all involved.

We were able to save the company significant time and manpower thanks to our sophisticated knowledge of the real estate industry and its roles, as well as the strong partnership we had developed with the hiring managers.

The two successful candidates both had a wealth of experience and a strong track record of successful acquisitions, whilst also being ideally located for the company’s acquisition requirements.

Since being hired, they have settled seamlessly into their new roles, fit in with the rest of the team and have proven themselves to be a fantastic fit culturally and professionally. The company is highly satisfied with the results of our work together.

Client testimonial


“Matt took the time to understand our culture and understand our high growth targets. As a result of this it has made our hiring process much quicker and taken a large burden from the executive team.

As we consistently grow and clients throw new projects at us, Matt has an uphill task to continue to source great talent in a challenging market in a very quick timeframe, however his dedication to push forward and find us the right candidates generally always shines through.

To date, Matt is the only recruiter we have used where the candidates put forward have outwardly given positive feedback about him to us as a company and generally enjoyed the process of being recruited by him, which at times can be a frustrating process.

All in all - We continue to utilise Matt as our sole source for recruitment at this time and look forward to continuing success.”

Candidate testimonial


“I would recommend Matthew to any Project Manager or Cost Manager at any seniority level – Whether you are currently looking for your next role or not.

I worked with Matt and Capstone for just over 2 years before making my eventual move. Unlike some other recruitment companies, I was never pushed or pressed into an opportunity that we didn’t mutually agree was the best next step in my career.

Matt kept me up to date with the most suitable opportunities and regularly checked in to monitor if there had been any shift in my expectations. When the right role came across his desk it felt right and the process was managed smoothly and effortlessly, ensuring expectations were being managed at both sides of the table.”


"Matthew and his team helped me get an amazing job when I moved to New York in under one week!

From the initial time Matthew reached out until the hiring paperwork was complete, he had consistent communication, so I always knew where the process was at. He had a great gauge on what both the company and I were looking for and I am so thankful he connected us!

I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an effective and personable recruiter.”

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