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Why Capstone

Our team are successful, passionate, knowledgeable and work hard to build personal, honest relationships.

Most importantly, we are true experts in our fields. 

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    Market Leading Commission scheme

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    Flexible and Competitive Benefits Package

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    Quarterly High Performer Lunches

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    International secondments

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    International paid trips for top performers

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    Quarterly Social Events and Company voted awards

A Career at Capstone

Capstone offer ambitious individuals a chance to enhance their skillset personally and professionally.  

Professional progression at Capstone is well-defined, transparent, attainable and financially rewarding. We are invested in career development and training programmes which speak to the bespoke needs of each consultant. Opportunities to learn are available to every employee, whether an enthusiastic graduate or an experienced recruiter. 

Capstone are also dedicated to expanding our consultant’s knowledge of the property market with various industry events; not only encouraging networking but also wellbeing and fitness. Ultimately, our goal is to maximise on transferrable skills that continue to contribute to a positive and proactive working environment.  

Join our team

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Our clients

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Facilities Management Consultant

£500.00 - £600.00 per day + + travel expenses    London, England

Group Facilities Management Consulant UK wide, 3-6 months Up to £600 a day + expenses Rapidly expanding digital retailer One of the fastest growing business in the world, with a rapidly expanding property portfolio across the UK and Europe is looking for a highly experienced Head of Facilities Management on an interim basis whilst they recruit permanently. You will play a vital role in supporting the Group Head of Property in running a property portfolio equipped to support the strategic vision safely. Through multiple acquisitions, there is a huge amount of due diligence and work needed to get on top of the portfolio profile and FM operations across multiple UK and Europe wide sides. Core Responsibilities Focused on UK, the aim for the initial 3 month period is to produce a report that discloses and advises / recommends on the following; Initial 360 review of FM function across all group companies People, Process, Technology - what have we got vs what we need Review KPI's for sites with gap analysis Review all contracts & JDs across all sites - are they right fit? What is the team delivering? Review opportunities to outsource and make FM personnel more driven towards first line response and contract management Contract(or) management Work with FMs to build a framework with external service providers to outsource FM delivery across UK and then EMEA Site management needs to be reviewed closely with H&S to ensure Document management in place (and admin in right place) Compliance framework / do we have right maintenance records in right place? On site management of supply chain - need to start putting in place Organisation / Structure Need to build a model that scales over time How do we make scaled steps Business as usual Need a safe pair of hands in place to field day to day queries and prioritise work load The business continuity plans need reviewing at all sites and redrafted as required Second 3 months requires the above to be delivered across Europe. Your experience and background: The successful Candidate will be required to seek ways to deliver cost / energy /sustainability efficiencies and improve operational standards in line with the company's values and objectives. You will be experienced in managing FM and Health and Safety across multiple sites and countries, also holding experience in contractor management and contract negotiation and analysis. A successful Candidate should have a recognised FM qualification. You will be expected to provide the ability to undertake audits with experience in auditing documentation and processes. The role will involve visit sites (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy) - with the rest of the time split between home and office. Good IT skills Has worked in a scaled business and understands scaling step changes Has M&A experience, and understands challenges of harmonisation and re-organisation A pragmatic and methodical approach to problem solving and who has willingness to learn, is enthusiastic, hardworking, with an acute attention to detail to join a notable and fast-growing company. Transparency Notice to Prospective Candidates We process certain personal information about you for our legitimate business interests in order to identify and contact suitable candidates about positions that may be relevant to them. At Capstone Property Recruitment Ltd we respect your Privacy details all of which are set out in our Privacy Policy on our website at .If you don't want to be contacted by us about potential positions that may be of interest to you in the future, then please email our Data Protection Officer at

Hotel Engineering Manager

€50000.00 - €55000.00 per annum    Cayman Islands

Hotel Engineering Manager Cayman Islands $50,000 - $55,000 per annum + package Reports to: Chief Engineer Capstone have been instructed by a leading luxury boutique hotel in the Cayman Islands, who are looking to recruit for a hands-on Engineering Manager to oversee both PPM and reactive maintenance across the hotel and surrounding grounds. The postholder will be responsible for managing a team of 15 engineers, and therefore, will need to be experienced in scheduling, managing, and prioritising a team's workload, with the ability to allocate suitable jobs accordingly. An understanding of climate challenges would also be highly advantageous e.g. chillers - complicated server systems, dealing with power outages, generator installation etc. If you fit the above criteria and are interested in the position, then please call Sam Lee on 020 3757 5000 or email Transparency Notice to Prospective Candidates We process certain personal information about you for our legitimate business interests in order to identify and contact suitable candidates about positions that may be relevant to them. At Capstone Property Recruitment Ltd we respect your Privacy details all of which are set out in our Privacy Policy on our website at .If you don't want to be contacted by us about potential positions that may be of interest to you in the future, then please email our Data Protection Officer at

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