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Why Capstone

Our team are successful, passionate, knowledgeable and work hard to build personal, honest relationships.

Most importantly, we are true experts in our fields. 

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    Market Leading Commission scheme

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    Flexible and Competitive Benefits Package

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    Quarterly High Performer Lunches

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    International secondments

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    International paid trips for top performers

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    Quarterly Social Events and Company voted awards

A Career at Capstone

Capstone offer ambitious individuals a chance to enhance their skillset personally and professionally.  

Professional progression at Capstone is well-defined, transparent, attainable and financially rewarding. We are invested in career development and training programmes which speak to the bespoke needs of each consultant. Opportunities to learn are available to every employee, whether an enthusiastic graduate or an experienced recruiter. 

Capstone are also dedicated to expanding our consultant’s knowledge of the property market with various industry events; not only encouraging networking but also wellbeing and fitness. Ultimately, our goal is to maximise on transferrable skills that continue to contribute to a positive and proactive working environment.  

Join our team

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Our clients

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Latest Jobs

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Project Administrator

£30000.00 - £35000.00 per annum    Essex, England

Project Administrator Basildon, Essex, Hybrid £30,000 - £35,000 Great opportunity to work in our clients Space Management team establishing all admin and supporting and updating layouts using CAD software. Your responsibilities Assist the department, to develop, maintain and operate required integrated computerised systems Support the department in establishing a robust audit example, assisting and supporting the internal auditing process. Manage invoicing queries as and when required, ensuring procedures are being observed, and correct controls are being maintained with reference to project and purchase documentation. Coordinate Corporate Procurement and Receiving Systems Raise job requests to facilitate department, track job status and follow up as necessary Carry out general administration Responsible for plan data accuracy. Provide ongoing support to campus users of the scheduling and space management system through training, maintenance and troubleshooting Responsible for creating and updating layouts of a specific space using CAD software Draw sketches and incorporate them into CAD files Who you are Design Knowledge would be ideal but not essential Able to manage space planning projects from inception to completion including the planning and design of space Excellent knowledge of current developments and trends in space planning, health and safety, fire safety, the Working knowledge of CAFM Software & AutoCAD or equivalent software package Working knowledge of MS Office applications including Word, Excel and Power Point Excellent written and verbal communications Background in supporting a team with strong administration skills Knowledge of space management within a facilities management business would be ideal Transparency Notice to Prospective Candidates We process certain personal information about you for our legitimate business interests in order to identify and contact suitable candidates about positions that may be relevant to them. At Capstone Property Recruitment Ltd we respect your Privacy details all of which are set out in our Privacy Policy on our website at .If you don't want to be contacted by us about potential positions that may be of interest to you in the future, then please email our Data Protection Officer at

Retail Estates & Acquisition Surveyor (Client side)

£0.00 - £75000 per annum + Car Allowance + Package     Shirebrook, Derbyshire

RETAIL ESTATES & ACQUISITION SURVEYOR | CLIENT SIDE Up to £75,000 PER ANNUM PLUS CAR ALLOWANCE AND PACKAGE SHIREBROOK (UK TRAVEL AND HYBRID WORKING) Capstone are partnered with a Multi-National retailer to recruit an Estates and Acquisition Surveyor who will be responsible for identifying and acquiring new sites. This role requires an experienced and dynamic induvial who can take these proposed sites through the acquisitions, legal, planning and post exchange and completion phases as per agreed budgets, and ensure that the quality of new sites enhances profitability and business performance. MAIN DUTIES Work closely with the Head of Property to develop and implement the expansion strategy. Manage and own your own workload include estates management issues and lease event management, including external consultants where necessary Get involved in acquisitions in your patch and assisting senior team members during an acquisition phase Assist team members on all estates matters to ensure the estate remains fit for purpose, allowing the retail teams to operate effectively and profitably Manage and take ownership of a given geographical area of responsibility in all aspects including business rates, service charges and general estates issues Work closely with Developers, Agents and legal advisors to deliver acquisitions that are aligned to the Property strategy. Lease management Seek "off market" opportunities proactively through own enquiries and direct approaches. Conduct negotiations for site acquisitions. Agree best possible terms with planning, licensing and other appropriate authorities ensuring deadlines are met. Evaluate and present physical and financial site assessments to Senior Management for leadership inspections and approval. Work closely with the construction team to assist with end-to-end delivery of projects, on time and within budget. Advise on relevant trends and developments in the Property marketplace and review competitor activity. TO BE CONSIDERED: Effectively multi-task and jump onto differing priorities as they appear Open to travel nationally and internationally as appropriate with some nights away where appropriate and necessary Full clean driving license Proficient on MS Suite system For more information or to be considered for this role please email your CV to or call Chris Kilkenny on 02037575011 Transparency Notice to Prospective Candidates We process certain personal information about you for our legitimate business interests in order to identify and contact suitable candidates about positions that may be relevant to them. At Capstone Property Recruitment Ltd we respect your Privacy details all of which are set out in our Privacy Policy on our website at .If you don't want to be contacted by us about potential positions that may be of interest to you in the future, then please email our Data Protection Officer at

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