The company


This extremely prestigious investment management company is a sovereign wealth fund and is the largest of its kind in the world. The company's ethos is to promote economic stability through its management of numerous international assets.

The company has eight global offices, including Oslo, New York, London, Shanghai and Singapore. Each office has a local investment strategy for property and real estate.


The challenge


Capstone was approached to source several mid-level associates who could join the company's UK real estate investment team and help them to efficiently expand and manage their portfolio.

The company was looking for prospective candidates with at least four years of experience in real estate investment and asset management, gained from working within a bank, private equity or real estate investment firm. The company also needed shortlisted candidates to have relevant skillsets in areas such as financial modelling and building cash flows, and to showcase other desireable characteristics such as brand loyalty.

Since the candidates would be joining a relatively small team, cultural fit would be a crucial factor, along with candidates' alignment with the company's ethos and values. The roles were investment focused, but the team wanted candidates who would have the best intentions for the fund and the people it serves.

The role


The company were in search of two experienced Investment Associates and an experienced Finance Associate to join their UK real estate investment team. These recruits would be integral in helping the company to expand its UK real estate portfolio and manage existing assets.

The service


Capstone had developed an excellent rapport over the years with the company’s Head of HR and Head of UK Investment through weekly calls. As a result we already had a clear understanding of which candidates would be a good fit both personally and professionally for the team.

We began by reaching out externally to prospective candidates and meeting with them personally, while continuously liaising with the company’s HR and investment teams. While this initial screening process was lengthy, it ensured that we could confidently present candidates to the company that met its strict criteria.

Working in such close partnership with the company enabled us both to develop our understanding of the current marketplace and the candidates within it, providing valuable context on what a strong candidate would look like. This exploratory work saw us change our perspective into who would be the best fit for the company and consider candidates who might otherwise have been overlooked.

After screening a wide variety of prospective candidates, we were able to provide very strong shortlists to the company. We had ensured that the applicants we put forward for interviews had the right combination of skillset, experience and personal values.

The result


The organisation was impressed with the candidates we put forward for its comprehensive interview process. As a result we have successfully filled two of the roles with the third ongoing.

Both successful candidates have a wealth of experience in real estate investment and asset management as well as the relevant skills required for the roles. Crucially, they also have the aligning values the company was looking for. Since being hired, they have slotted seamlessly into the existing team and the company is satisfied with the results of us working together.

Through our work together, we were able to save the company valuable time, resource and manpower, and strengthen our professional relationship with its HR and investment teams.

Client testimonial


“Matt took the time to understand our culture and understand our high growth targets. As a result of this it has made our hiring process much quicker and taken a large burden from the executive team.

As we consistently grow and clients throw new projects at us, Matt has an uphill task to continue to source great talent in a challenging market in a very quick timeframe, however his dedication to push forward and find us the right candidates generally always shines through.

To date, Matt is the only recruiter we have used where the candidates put forward have outwardly given positive feedback about him to us as a company and generally enjoyed the process of being recruited by him, which at times can be a frustrating process.

All in all - We continue to utilise Matt as our sole source for recruitment at this time and look forward to continuing success.”

Candidate testimonial


“I would recommend Matthew to any Project Manager or Cost Manager at any seniority level – Whether you are currently looking for your next role or not.

I worked with Matt and Capstone for just over 2 years before making my eventual move. Unlike some other recruitment companies, I was never pushed or pressed into an opportunity that we didn’t mutually agree was the best next step in my career.

Matt kept me up to date with the most suitable opportunities and regularly checked in to monitor if there had been any shift in my expectations. When the right role came across his desk it felt right and the process was managed smoothly and effortlessly, ensuring expectations were being managed at both sides of the table.”


"Matthew and his team helped me get an amazing job when I moved to New York in under one week!

From the initial time Matthew reached out until the hiring paperwork was complete, he had consistent communication, so I always knew where the process was at. He had a great gauge on what both the company and I were looking for and I am so thankful he connected us!

I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an effective and personable recruiter.”

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