The company


Founded in 2013, this data centre developer and operator has become renowned in the market for its exemplary design, build and operation of data centres and mission critical systems for crucial industries such as aviation, financial services, utilities, the military and government.

Proudly staffed by data centre and operational experts, the company’s main goal is to develop data centres that not only perform to the highest standards worldwide but are also sustainable and beneficial to local communities.


Since its inception in London, the company has continued to evolve and now operates from offices across the globe, including Seattle, New York, Dublin, Jakarta, Dubai and Cape Town.

The challenge


After expanding its operation across all continents, the company realised its need to scale its small existing team of 16 people at pace to support its plans for continued growth.

Due to a lack of internal hiring capability at the time, the company knew it would need the help of an external consultancy specialising in property and construction to find the talent it desperately needed.

Due to the importance of developing its founding team, the company needed to work with a consultancy able to quickly grasp what was needed from prospective candidates and the impact they would be expected to have on the business, whilst also understanding the scale and pace required.

Capstone had worked with the company’s Development Director previously. This long-standing relationship and our reputation in the property and construction space resulted in him recommending us to the company’s hiring team. We were asked to support the hiring team in sourcing multiple roles, ranging from head of construction to project planners to chief executives, to work across the company's many global offices.

The role


The company wanted to expand its founding team with numerous hires across its global office sites.

The service


Due to the scale and pace of the company’s mandates, we began a search approach across all of the roles. While some of the roles were well within the reach of our existing network, others were more specific and required us to go further afield. We used a combination of our in-house research tools, our network and database, as well as referrals, advertising and headhunting.

To ensure we were able to find candidates with the right skills and experience quickly and efficiently, we held weekly meetings with the company and its executive team. These meetings would often take place late at night or early in the morning due to the differing time zones, but we were committed to discovering as much as we could about the candidates they were looking for.

Having these regular conversations allowed us to discuss each candidate and role extensively, whilst also building an excellent and valuable rapport with the teams working across several departments.

As the roles were considered highly attractive, our team were able to use their knowledge of the company, its strict requirements and the industry itself to quickly narrow down the large volume of applications and ensure we only presented candidates with the right mindset, skills and experience.

The result


Capstone on-boarded thirty-nine people into the company in just seven months, across four continents and eight countries. This involved several relocations including a Project Planner from Sweden to the UK, a Country Manager from Dubai to Indonesia and a Construction Project Director from Cyprus to Abu Dhabi.

Focusing predominantly on hiring roles within the company’s DEV CO side, which was responsible for building data centres, we filled a wide range of roles requiring varying skillsets and expertise. These included project planners, construction managers and board directors. We also placed a Chief Executive of Operations, who has since been promoted to CEO of the entire company.

We used our network and industry knowledge to successfully establish 90% of the company’s founding team, saving the company significant time, resources and manpower. By hiring senior leadership roles first, we were able to introduce more decision makers into the business which enabled the company to build specialist teams around them. Our involvement also helped to set the tone for what the recruitment process and governance needed to be moving forward.

Stakeholders at the company have expressed great satisfaction with our working partnership and the candidates we sourced for them, highlighting their appreciation for how accessible we were, even when dealing with differing time zones, and our understanding of the importance of the work we were doing for them.

Client testimonial


“Recruiting the best talent was a key strategic priority for us in order to drive forward our rapid growth plans within the datacentre industry. It was important that we partnered with someone that was able to quickly grasp our business requirements and translate that into strong candidates. Sarah and Rob have now been working with us for over 7 months and they have been exceptional in finding us the best people in the market.

They have been able to do this so well because they have a really deep understanding of their sector, and have invested quality time upfront to ask all the right questions to really understand the role brief. They also have a strong team behind them who are extremely thorough in their screening of candidates to ensure that we are presented with a strong shortlist for each role.

I have worked with many recruitment partners and what makes Capstone stand out above the others is their commitment to really understand the business and role requirements, their rigorous screening process and their open, honest and transparent communication about each role and candidate.

Their first-class service surpassed what you would expect during an exec search and they provide quality over quantity.

I can truly say that without the support of Capstone, it would not have been possible to bring in some of the talent we have in the company and I would highly recommend them.”

Candidate testimonial


“I would recommend Matthew to any Project Manager or Cost Manager at any seniority level – Whether you are currently looking for your next role or not.

I worked with Matt and Capstone for just over 2 years before making my eventual move. Unlike some other recruitment companies, I was never pushed or pressed into an opportunity that we didn’t mutually agree was the best next step in my career.

Matt kept me up to date with the most suitable opportunities and regularly checked in to monitor if there had been any shift in my expectations. When the right role came across his desk it felt right and the process was managed smoothly and effortlessly, ensuring expectations were being managed at both sides of the table.”


"Matthew and his team helped me get an amazing job when I moved to New York in under one week!

From the initial time Matthew reached out until the hiring paperwork was complete, he had consistent communication, so I always knew where the process was at. He had a great gauge on what both the company and I were looking for and I am so thankful he connected us!

I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an effective and personable recruiter.”

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