The company


Since its inception in 2019, this dynamic independent construction consultancy has worked across all sectors of the construction industry.

This company's cutting-edge approach to cost management and project management service lines helps its clients gain maximum value from its projects through the use of a tailored and industry leading consultancy model.


The company currently has a relatively small team operating out of offices across the USA, including New York, San Francisco, Texas, Seattle and LA.

The challenge


As it searched for the highly skilled and qualified new hires it needed to grow its team, the company found that it faced immense competition for talent from larger international organisations within its industry.

The company also found that, without certain leadership roles in place, it was increasingly challenging to bring in new work, run projects and build relationships with clients from other US states.

Capstone had worked with the company since 2019 and had previously helped secure several successful hires for its team. Thanks to this long-standing relationship and the success of our previous work together, we were asked to help them source two experienced Directors, one for its San Francisco office and another for its New York office.

This would ensure that the company could rapidly grow their teams within different states in the USA. It would also help to remove the burden for its existing team of having to manage projects and relationships in different states.

In addition to having the right skillset and experience, the company also wanted to find candidates who would be interested in working for a smaller business and would be open to relocating, as well as being a good cultural fit and aligning with its values and ethos.

The role


The company wanted to hire two highly skilled and experienced Directors to join its offices in San Francisco and New York, with a focus on managing projects and expanding the existing team.

The service


Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the company, we already had a clear understanding of the experience, skills and values it would require from prospective candidates. We combined this with our detailed market knowledge to start directly reaching out to prospective candidates who we felt would be a good fit for the company.

This highly targeted approach enabled us to build a strong shortlist of candidates, each with the skills and experience the company was looking for.

As this was such a unique opportunity with a start-up style business, it was imperative for us to arrange meetings with the candidates to share further details about the company, the incentives it offers (such as additional paid holiday and opportunities to become a partner) and the relocation process. The meetings also gave the candidates an opportunity to share what they were looking for in terms of location and workplace culture and ensured everyone was on the same page.

Once we had established which candidates met all of the company’s criteria, we presented the company with our shortlist and the company decided who to interview. The successful candidates would then be taken through the company’s relocation process to ensure a seamless transition into the business.

The result


The turnaround for this particular project, from our initial conversation with the company to completion of the relocation process, was three months. With our help, the company sourced the Directors it needed quickly and efficiently, helping it to avoid further disruption to the daily running of the business.

The two successful candidates both had an exceptional wealth of experience and fantastic client bases and networks. Since being hired, both candidates have proven their worth by successfully growing their offices, which has opened new doors for the company and provided the candidates with exciting new projects and accounts.

One of the candidates has been promoted twice since being hired just three years ago and is now a fully-fledged partner of the company. The second candidate has also been promoted, with another promotion on the horizon, after successfully scaling the business and overseeing the growth of the company’s line management for the East Coast.

Client testimonial


“Matt took the time to understand our culture and understand our high growth targets. As a result our hiring process is much quicker and has taken a large burden from the Executive Team.

As we consistently grow and clients throw new projects at us, Matt has an uphill task to continue to source great talent in a challenging market in a very quick timeframe, however his dedication to push forward and find us the right candidates always shines through.

To date, Matt is the only recruiter we have used where the candidates put forward have outwardly given positive feedback about him to us as a company and enjoyed the process of being recruited by him, which at times can be a frustrating process.

All in all - we continue to utilise Matt as our sole source for recruitment at this time and look forward to continuing success.”

Candidate testimonial


“I would recommend Matthew to any Project Manager or Cost Manager at any seniority level – Whether you are currently looking for your next role or not.

I worked with Matt and Capstone for just over 2 years before making my eventual move. Unlike some other recruitment companies, I was never pushed or pressed into an opportunity that we didn’t mutually agree was the best next step in my career.

Matt kept me up to date with the most suitable opportunities and regularly checked in to monitor if there had been any shift in my expectations. When the right role came across his desk it felt right and the process was managed smoothly and effortlessly, ensuring expectations were being managed at both sides of the table.”


"Matthew and his team helped me get an amazing job when I moved to New York in under one week!

From the initial time Matthew reached out until the hiring paperwork was complete, he had consistent communication, so I always knew where the process was at. He had a great gauge on what both the company and I were looking for and I am so thankful he connected us!

I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone looking for an effective and personable recruiter.”

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