How to make an impression with 6 killer interview questions

When you’re interviewing for a new role, it can be easy to recycle the same questions when it’s your turn to ask at the end of the interview. You might not have given much thought beforehand to what you truly want to know about your potential new employer, however this is a valuable opportunity to make a brilliant impression.

As you progress through your career, interviews can seem more daunting, the expectation can be higher, the process is usually more intensive with multiple interview rounds being the norm and you may feel as though there’s more at stake. It’s important that during these meetings, where you meet a range of individuals including senior stakeholders and potential new team members, that they leave the room on an impressed note.

As well as showcasing your relevant experience, your understanding of the role and your enthusiastic attitude, leaving the interview having asked unique and impactful questions is a powerful way to stand out as someone they should hire, with the qualities they are looking for.

As a top property recruitment company in London, we’d like to think we have some insider knowledge on how to stand out in an interview. We asked some of the Capstone Recruitment consultants for their candidate interview tips.

 Here are 6 killer interview questions to help you make an impression. 

\\ What should I be striving to deliver in the first 12 months for it to be considered exceptional? 

As a senior candidate, you haven’t gotten to where you are through following the crowd and doing the bare minimum.

This question highlights two qualities:

1. The ability to forward-think

2. The importance of high standards

You’re showing the interviewer the calibre you aim to work towards. Don’t leave the interview without asking this. 

\\ What are the biggest challenges facing the company right now? 

This question demonstrates your ability to see the reality of business – that there are always challenges. It also provides an opportunity for you to illustrate how your relevant experience and unique point of view can help tackle those challenges, painting a clear picture of how you would operate within the role. 

\\ What opportunities are in development for the department right now? 

Don’t underestimate the power of a proactive, enthusiastic approach. Employers are looking for candidates who can champion their brand and are genuinely excited about the work and their contribution. Show the interviewer that you care about the role and the development of the business. 

\\ Why should I be interested in joining this business? 

As much as you are selling your experience to them, they are selling the role, company and culture to you. This question oozes confidence which is a key quality that property recruitment managers are looking for in their senior level hires.

Don’t be afraid to ask those edgy questions. 

\\ Why did you join this business and what makes you stay? 

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. This question allows the interviewer to open up and share their own experiences, helping to form a rapport between you and them. If it came down to you and another candidate to progress to the next stage or be offered the role, this may be the question that nudges you forward. 

\\ From everything we've discussed today, can you see me delivering against your objectives? If not, why not? 

This question gives you the opportunity to gauge how interested they are in you and address any concerns before you leave the interview. As well, this is a chance to showcase confidence in your own abilities and provide specific examples of previous deliverables reached – both attractive qualities in a candidate.

These are some of our consultants’ favourite questions to make an impression. Have you used any of these questions with great success? Or have we missed any that should be included?


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